Have You Heard the News?

November 9, 2020 - Tokyo Valentino
Tokyo Valentino East Cobb in Marietta, Georgia

We love a good story, just as much as the next guy. Trust us, our shelves are filled with fun materials littered with explicit and enticing tales that will have you yearning for more adult action, boy our business is a fun one. However our newest location has been making some headlines and although it’s a bit cliche, any press is good press, right? Just take a look at some of these articles:

There is even more than this out there but we just can’t stop our world to read them all, we’re a bit busy with our loyal customers who want what we have and we can’t ignore that. Amongst all that’s going on in the world all we need is love, right? A theme to our stores is love and that comes in many forms, from: gifts, novelties, body art, smoking accessories, specialized jewelry, and much more, we have our fans covered. Beyond the news and headlines, we remain committed to those of you who are free spirited and open minded, Tokyo Valentino is fighting the good fight to keep you all happy and feeling loved long into the future.

From us to you, know that our intentions are never mean spirited or without heart, we’re simply providing the market with what it truly items and much more. We happen to also carry a lot of them, conveniently located near you with a smile.

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