Tokyo Is the Place to Be

March 9, 2021 - Tokyo Valentino
Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, Georgia

Whether you’re an avid enthusiast of all that we have to offer or just beginning getting more adventurous, we’re here to help. Tokyo Valentino has been around for many years here in ATL and we want to be your choice for many more to come.

Are you gay, straight, bi, trans, or identify otherwise, well we’re friendly and accepting how you are. We want to be your one stop shop for all things novelty. From lingerie to smoking gear/accessories, adult toys, all things sex, risque materials, party items, etc. Our world is your world and we’re fully stocked with the latest. Don’t settle for long shipping waits or the unsure look of your delivery man. Instead come purchase from us so you can get what you need ASAP, in a nice environment, with people who are just like you. Whether you’re a first timer or a regular, don’t hesitate, free to stop in at one of our multiple Atlanta locations today

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