What Gets You Going?

March 2, 2021 - Tokyo Valentino
Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, Georgia

We love to hear from you all, our team in the stores does too. Part of what we do is truly listening to get insights from our beloved customers and learning what makes them truly tick. Whether it’s new adult toy desires, colors or types of lingerie, smoking accessory inventory updates, party favors, movie releases, etc. we try to stay on top of all that is novelty.

We’ve noticed that our customers enjoy the selection they can find when they go to our stores. They really know that if there’s something they want, we likely have it in stock, additionally we may even have it in different variants as well. People love that our employees are caring and informative, not too cool for school or off putting. It’s a big deal for us to treat our business like a true adult boutique of sorts, not just another adult shop, like those rundown and unscrupulous types.

We want to end this post by asking what really does it for you? We hope to have just what you are looking for and more throughout our stores for your convenience. No need to wait or pay for shipping, come see us today, we’re here and proud to help.

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