Up Late for Our People

January 23, 2021 - Tokyo Valentino
Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta, Georgia

Fun and exciting moments happen at all times, sometimes they come early and sometimes later. We get it, the nice thing is our business was built with you all in mind. From the products we have in our stores to the locations we chose, it's all for you. Our stores have hours that accommodate the late night party or celebrations, but are also open during normal hours of the day for when you are on lunch break and want to grab that special item for later that evening or before the big weekend comes around.

Our locations also are predictably opening based on our listed availability both day and night. No knocking on the locked door wondering if there is someone on lunch break or sleeping in the back with their feet up and a sign indicating they’re on break. We’re serious about our customer satisfaction and want you all to know that we aim to be available when you need us. If you’ve never been to one of our stores come see us soon, if you have come see some of our latest and greatest here at Tokyo Valentino.

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